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SIERRA – Automated Functional Testing

Automate and transform your software testing

Improve coverage and increase efficiency

Our featured solution, SIERRA, offers an automated testing solution to address testing in large/complex WMS/OMS implementations and upgrades.

Most enterprise grade implementations of WMS and OMS solution suites entail a significant amount of testing. Not only is this activity time consuming, it also demands a combination of strong testing and domain expertise. It is not uncommon for the testing activity to make or break an implementation.

With SIERRA, user can build complex end-to-end test scenarios that can traverse the entire order-capture to order-full life-cycle. It provides support for multiple applications interfaces – Web, RF, Message based, Mobile

Key Performance Indicators

“Keystone’s Supply Chain expertise, deep domain skill set, integration experience, and ability to work with both IT and business teams made it a perfect partner for us in our strategic initiatives”
- (CIO) Men’s Wearhouse