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Enabling IT, Empowering Business

Enable IT to solve business problems, not just a Dev or Ops problem!

DevOps is a reality, here and now. Zensar recognizes the business imperatives that demand DevOps and has invested in dedicated start-of-the-art “DevOps Labs”, to help contextualize the practicalities and visualize the “to-be” state. These multiple Labs are complete with “live” use-case simulations, on diverse technology stacks.Most Enterprises today are multi-modal, making release management a challenge across their multi-layered technology mesh. The Enterprise enablement of DevOps is driving KPI based services, where the implementation details are abstracted and defined service SLA’s are committed to. All this is enabled by High-touch consulting, to map out this exciting journey.


Key Offerings

Zensar Technologies mentioned in Gartner Toolkit: Identify the Right Company From 80+ Agile/DevOps Service Providers

* Gartner Toolkit: Identify the Right Company From 80+ Agile/DevOps Service Providers [G00326689] Neil Barton , Ian Head , Mike West and Gilbert van der Heiden, October 24,2017

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