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Everywhere Experiences

Everywhere Experiences - Your virtual event desk!

Create immersive and impactful virtual experiences

Worldwide, in-person events and engagements are on hold, and businesses continue to need innovative ways to engage with customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. Firms that relied on live events and gatherings for engagement and impact, now need a dynamic digital alternative.

To cater to this rising need, Zensar and Indigo Slate have launched Everywhere Experiences, a white-glove end-to-end virtual experience service offering.

Everywhere Experiences provides immersive and virtual experience engagements that offer an exciting opportunity for brands everywhere to make an impact. Whether its everyday webinars or mega product launches, conferences and exhibitions, our virtual events can deliver innovative formats and experiences that captivate participants, create a buzz, and generate brand awareness in this time of social distancing and reduced mobility.


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