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Improve your bottom line with Edge to Core Monitoring Insights

Simplify complexity to deliver superior experiences with Zensar’s WiredExperience solution that provides:

  • Unparalleled visibility with broad technology coverage
  • More answers than a insights with built-in AI engine
  • Support for self-healing capabilities to remediate issues before users are impacted

WiredExperience empowers businesses to:

  • Leverage market score to measure user satisfaction with response time across digital touchpoints
  • Leverage real-time full stack insights to troubleshoot an issue across every tier
  • Control tool sprawl with a single pane of glass
  • Guarantee 99.99% reliability in a digital era with proactive insights

What Sets Us Apart

Single Pane of Glass

Platform and Human+ experience management

Visibility across the stack, and into every transaction across the cloud

Out of the Box support for all monitoring needs

Future-state technology support

AI-based contextual solutions