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Building an intelligent, personalized, scalable yet collaborative workplace that attracts and retains diverse and multi-generation employees

Global enterprises are fast letting go of old tools, technologies and operational models, as their number one priority is to transform the geographically dispersed and multi-cultural workforce into an efficient, collaborative and highly productive workforce. Enterprises today are cognizant to the fact that workplace transformation is key to business transformation.

Zensar provides consumer grade experience to employees by deploying cutting-edge technologies using AI, autonomics, cloud, mobility, IoT, analytics, workplace collaboration and security.

Our comprehensive workplace services have enabled truly digital workplaces for more than 50 global businesses across more than 30 countries. A unique ‘user-first’ strategy and an ‘outside-in’ approach enables us to create engaging and effortless experience for employees and optimal ROI for enterprises.

Our Services

What sets us apart

User persona-based approach

Verticalized solutions



Designed for 40+ most valued brands


Measurable business KPIs


Seamless digital adoption


AI based contextual solutions


Industry Recognition
Industry leaders recognize Zensar for its Digital Workplace Services