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Connect, Grow and?

Bring your passion to work and accelerate your career at Zensar

Come Work With Us


Our Culture

Living Digital

We have internally empowered a global workforce to simplify, enhance and imbibe digital in our daily lives.


Diversity at Zensar is about celebrating individuality, creativity, innovation and flexibility.

Global Organization

Zensar is spread across 29 locations and offers a truly consistent experience for all it's associates.

Humans of Zensar

Humans of Zensar captures humanity through stories of hope, growth and joy.

How we care

Zensar – A Great Place To Work !

Over the last few years we have taken significant steps towards making Zensar- a Great Place to Work and thereby measure associate engagement. Freedom to plan and execute your work and a collaborative work environment with supportive and diverse teams give associates a good work life balance and excellent onsite opportunities at Zensar. Apart from the GPTW survey, Zensar is also participating in the GPTW Culture Audit.